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Avoid Sharp Dummies During Leaving

Sharp dummies - a usual problem which occurs in feeding mothers. This condition is not only inconvenient, but also improbably painful and can even include a bleeding. Time most part, sharp dummies occur because of the child locked on wrong or a bad arrangement. There are things, which you can make to solve this problem because feeding by a breast as it is supposed, does not hurt or causes inconvenience.
If your child is not locked on, or placed correctly you in high risk to develop the broken dummies. Your dummies can become angry or inflamed because the skin (a site of a wing of an insect) which surrounds a dummy, is really sensitive and inclined to problems.
Sharp dummies can be caused also ekzemoy which is caused by type of products that you address to the body. It can be any following: the soap, the washing rest of a laundry, los'on or spirits. Therefore it is important to make sure that you use high-quality and natural products which do not cause your damage of a skin. This condition can be caused also as a result of your child having an ouzel. If your dummies are inverted, or you do not follow instructions at use of the tool for decantation then, you also are in danger.
You can find simplification for sharp dummies, applying treatment, such as lanolin, to it. If you wish to use an auxiliary cord of a pain then are very cautious in your choice. Paracetamol consider as one of the most safe auxiliary cords of a pain for feeding mothers. If any of these things, apparently, does not help then, you can contact either with the midwife or with the adviser of feeding by a breast. It is very important to know how to place and force your child to be locked on your dummy correctly. As soon as you understand it then, experience of feeding by a breast will be much easier both on you and on the child.
It is more widespread for mothers to choose natural medicines, to help them the transaction about both pain and discomfort of feeding by a breast. They are very safe both for you and for the child and have no by-effects as instruction medicine. Last thing, which you want, for your child to swallow of harmful chemicals from artificial medicine. Flour Calc., Quartz and Vitamin E Oil all are very good for a skin and can help to begin to live to your sharp dummies very quickly. They also help to make your dummies less itching, and lowers quantity of discomfort which you test. Nails and the Camomile are used for preventive measures. They help to stop damage before it even happens and will protect your body against an infection. They also help to accelerate healing if you already have cracks in your dummies.


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